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Make money with AdSense

Making money using AdSense is not as easy as it used to be.  But it is possible to make some.

The most important factor is visitors. To make $4.000 you need approximately 20.000 visitors a day! Of course these numbers are based on:

  1. How targeted your visitors are
  2. The size of the ads
  3. The placement of the ads
  4. The type of ads
  5. Great backlinks

The above numbers from some of our sites where the visitors are pretty targetted.

1. Targetted visitors

You get targetted visitors from
Relevant Social Media like Facebook and Twitter or forums.
Writing articles on popular topics
Don’t use AdWords to drive traffic. AdWords clicks will cost you more than you will earn on AdSense clicks.

2. The size of the ads.
In AdSense you can select between different adsizes. You have to experiment and see what works for you.

3. The placement of the ads
You also have to experiment with placement but start out by placing one or two in the top of your pages (above the fold).

4. Type of ads.
In AdSense you can select text ads, image ads or both. Google recomend both but also here you have to experiment. You can also deselect publishers you don’t want to show ads from.

5. Great backlinks
Backlinks from high ranking pages will help your site rank in Google and get more visitors from organic search results.

This is an example of a site using AdSense:

Make money with AdSense

Now you are ready to make money with AdSense!