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Download WordPress

There are thousands of sites offering download of WordPress, but the only true source of download is http://wordpress.org/download/.

If you want WordPress in another language you should perform a google searcn something like: “download wordpress germany”. Then you can find the local WordPress website and download the localized version.

You can download it as a normal .zip file or as .tar.gz. It is the same WordPress but in two different containers.

Zip is generally for Windows and tar is generally for Unix systems.

I presume you are on a Windows platform and then you just click the blue button (Download WordPress 3.x) and save the file somewhere on your harddrive you can remember. Let’s assume you save it in the directory called “Downloads”. It will be saved as “wordpress-3.x.zip” where 3.x is the version number which changes regularily.

Normally Windows can unpack a zipped file, but if not you have to go to: http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm and download and install WinZip.

Here area few examples on how it might look. Computers are differently setup so it might look different in your Windows.

How to download WordPress


How to Download WordPress

In both of these images we have located the download directory and the last image shows how to Right Click and Extract files form the Zip archive.

After this Windows will ask for a location and I know that I would save my unpacked and almost ready WordPress installationfiles in a place where I can find them easily so I enter “C:\wp” (without “”) and click finish.


Prepare Installation

So we have to open FileExplorer and find C:\wp (or whatever you chose to call it).

From the File Explorer it would look something like this:


Or this:

How to down load WordPress

Easy! Right?

Upload WordPress


You need some kind of FTP program to upload WordPress. In this example we will use Filezilla. You can se the details in the Prerequisites chapter.

How to Download WordPresss

In the first box (where I have entered: web14.gigahost.dk) you have to enter the address of your host.

In the second box you enter your user name as provided by your hosting company.

In the third box you enter your password as provided by your hosting company.

In the fourth box you enter the port number as provided by your hosting company. If you don’t have any you can try port 21 which is default for FTP connections.

Click Connect.

If you encounter problems check under Settings/FTP that you are using the appropriate mode. (Passive mode is recommended).

In the left column I have selected the WordPress folder (c:\WP). And In the right Select all files (Ctrl + A), right click and click Upload.

The upload will take a few minutes.