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About search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is one way to get free targeted traffic to your site. You can’t just put your site out on the net and expect to get other visitors than crawler bots and spam bots – and maybe a few of your friends – if you tell them where to go!

Without search engine optimization your site will simply never show up in Google.
This article has been written around a long tail keyword: “About search engine optimization” and you should do the same. Keyword research is a reality check on your idea! Will it rank or not.

Go to Google Adwords and sign up for an account. AdWords has a free keyword tool and you better use it!

When you analyze or search for keywords using the AdWords keyword tool, there are two columns you should pay attention to. (Also remember to set the region you will examine). Monthly searches and competition. Competition is a weighted number between 0 and 1. 0-0,33 is low competition. 0,33-0,66 is medium competition and 0,66 – 1 is high competition.

The old saying about high search volume and low competition is not quite true. You have to see competition in relation to monthly searches – not in relation to other keywords competition factor. Here is an example with two keyword phrases which have the same competition but different search volumes:

About search engine optimization
wordpress permalink seo

Monthly searches


It looks tempting to go for “about search engine optimization” but if you try a Google search (remember the “”) you get 6.650.000 results and when you search for “wordpress permalink seo” you only get 7.700 results.


So even though both keywords have the same competition,  “about search engine optimization” is much harder to rank for than “wordpress permalink seo”.

about search engine optimization


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