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How do I get on google

How do I get on Google ?…

…You may just ask yourself when you are looking to rank your new WordPress site in Google: “How do I get on Google”? The answer is simple. To get your site listed in the Google Index you have to work a little. Here is the recipe:

Content is King:

  1. Write your article as exciting, riveting and honest you can. 300-400 words is great more will do just fine.
  2. Ad an image or two and put your keyword in the Alt tags

Keyword research:

  1. Install the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  2. Go to AdWords and sign up for an account. AdWords has a great and free keyword tool.
  3. Find all the keywords related to your niche and put them in a spreadsheet or a list.
  4. Chose one main keyword and maybe a few related and see if you can use them in your post without ruining the greatness of your article


  • Get backlinks (links from other sites pointing to your article). We don’t recomend buying links. Google is perfectly aware this is going on and you just might hurt your rankings. I know people do this and it works with in limits. So be careful.
  • Write more articles. Great articles will be read and people will link to them. Post your articles at high ranking article sites.

Social Media:

  • Be present on the Social Media sites that are relevant. Facebook fanpages, LinkedIn, Twitter. Google Maps and Google+ is a must! A Google+ account linked to your site will rank your site better in Google. Unfair but true!


And check this video:  http://source-wave.com/white-hat-seo/

How do I get on Google ??? This is how you get on Google!!!


How do I get on Google

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