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WordPress Homepage and WordPress Optimization

Total WordPress Optimization – If you want to optimize your WordPress blog this is it!!! Canonical URL’s, Google Webmaster Tools, Perma Links, WordPress setup, what is 404 or 301 redirects, which plugins are good, Local tags, Star rating, Free contra Premium WordPress Themes, how to optimize grafics and text, Social Media, Keywords, speed/load optimization, Google Analytics, Stats on your site, Auto responders, Links and anchortext, XML sitemap, Duplicate content and much, much more. This is the most comprehensive WordPress Optimization guide ever written!


Download here: Total WordPress Optimization!


Simple WordPress Installation – If you want to create you own WordPress homepage you can download this 31 page ebook ‘Simple WordPres Installation’ totally free! Just sign up in the box to the right and you will receive a download link in your mail. It covers where and how to download WordPress, install the database, Install WordPress, simple basic setup and how to get started. 


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Easy WebSite Using WordPress – The complete beginners guide to WordPress. What is Posts and Pages? What is Categories? How to create menues. How to install plugins, Widgets, Templates  and much more.


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Website Psychology – What are the real needs of your customer, emotional choices, easy navigation, fonts, the way we read, the way we percieve, testimonials, Call to Action, Authority, fear, free gifts, Maslow and much, much more…


Planned release 2014


Exteme WordPress Security – Everything you need to know to make your website secure


Planned release 2014

All manuals are in english.