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Make money with AdSense

Making money using AdSense is not as easy as it used to be.  But it is possible to make some.

The most important factor is visitors. To make $4.000 you need approximately 20.000 visitors a day! Of course these numbers are based on:

  1. How targeted your visitors are
  2. The size of the ads
  3. The placement of the ads
  4. The type of ads
  5. Great backlinks

The above numbers from some of our sites where the visitors are pretty targetted.

1. Targetted visitors

You get targetted visitors from
Relevant Social Media like Facebook and Twitter or forums.
Writing articles on popular topics
Don’t use AdWords to drive traffic. AdWords clicks will cost you more than you will earn on AdSense clicks.

2. The size of the ads.
In AdSense you can select between different adsizes. You have to experiment and see what works for you.

3. The placement of the ads
You also have to experiment with placement but start out by placing one or two in the top of your pages (above the fold).

4. Type of ads.
In AdSense you can select text ads, image ads or both. Google recomend both but also here you have to experiment. You can also deselect publishers you don’t want to show ads from.

5. Great backlinks
Backlinks from high ranking pages will help your site rank in Google and get more visitors from organic search results.

This is an example of a site using AdSense:

Make money with AdSense

Now you are ready to make money with AdSense!


Make money on your website

There is a number of ways to make money on your website and on the Internet:

Make Money on your website

  1. How to monetize Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ (SponsoredTweets.com, mylikes.com etc.) How to go viral.
  2. How to make money using AdSense.
  3. How to make money writing Articles, Blogging, infolinks (Copywriter).
  4. How to make money on Amazon.
  5. How to make money on Afilliateprograms – ClickBank, Commission Junction
  6. How to do Listbuilding, Segmentation, Autoresponders, Listhygiejne,mailcampaigns, Joint Venture partners, adstation.com. Small lists are more responsive. Prospect lists and Buyers list.
  7. How to make money on Stock (images, audio, video).
  8. How to make money on CPA – Surveys, Paid Links, Sign Ups, leads, etc.
  9. How to write and design e-books (Copywriting, graphic designer, sales, marketing, translation).
  10. How to make money on Ebay.
  11. How to make money on Domainname flipping (‘Real’ estate).
  12. How to make money on TShirts, CafePress.com and SpreadShirt.com.
  13. How to make money on FreeeLancing, Elance.com, clicknwork.com
  14. How to make money on WordPress,  SEO and SEO Review, Malware removal, hosting.
  15. How to develop templates for WP.
  16. How to develop plugins for WP.
  17. How to make money on Ad network: Google Adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser kontera.com, adtoll and widget bucks
  18. How to generate traffic. 1000 ways to generate traffic (Result could be selling advertizing space og own sites)
  19. Free Traffic (SEO, Forums, Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest osv.)
  20. Paid Traffic (AdWords, FB etc.)
  21. Outsourcing, Indien, Phillipinerne.
  22. How to make money on videomarketing/videoblogging (Jeff Walker), Webinars, YouTube, vimeo, How to create (crazy/funny) videos that goes viral.
  23. Sales psychology, Marketing/branding af vores gruppe/produkter/services, mindset, motivation, strategies.
  24. How to launch and make effective campaigns.
  25. How to find niches. How to research any market.
  26. Link Building
  27. FREE stuff!
  28. Live events – foredrag, workshops, webinars, networking indenfor IM. Arrangere externe foredrag med berømtheder og os selv
  29. Online Cassino/gambling.
  30. Online Radio/tv station
  31. Online Bank – money transfer.
  32. Stocks, bonds and risk minimization.
  33. An ordinary webshop
  34. Sell leads.
  35. Create your own products – (ebooks, images, photos, apps…)

About search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is one way to get free targeted traffic to your site. You can’t just put your site out on the net and expect to get other visitors than crawler bots and spam bots – and maybe a few of your friends – if you tell them where to go!

Without search engine optimization your site will simply never show up in Google.
This article has been written around a long tail keyword: “About search engine optimization” and you should do the same. Keyword research is a reality check on your idea! Will it rank or not.

Go to Google Adwords and sign up for an account. AdWords has a free keyword tool and you better use it!

When you analyze or search for keywords using the AdWords keyword tool, there are two columns you should pay attention to. (Also remember to set the region you will examine). Monthly searches and competition. Competition is a weighted number between 0 and 1. 0-0,33 is low competition. 0,33-0,66 is medium competition and 0,66 – 1 is high competition.

The old saying about high search volume and low competition is not quite true. You have to see competition in relation to monthly searches – not in relation to other keywords competition factor. Here is an example with two keyword phrases which have the same competition but different search volumes:

About search engine optimization
wordpress permalink seo

Monthly searches


It looks tempting to go for “about search engine optimization” but if you try a Google search (remember the “”) you get 6.650.000 results and when you search for “wordpress permalink seo” you only get 7.700 results.


So even though both keywords have the same competition,  “about search engine optimization” is much harder to rank for than “wordpress permalink seo”.

about search engine optimization



How do I get on google

How do I get on Google ?…

…You may just ask yourself when you are looking to rank your new WordPress site in Google: “How do I get on Google”? The answer is simple. To get your site listed in the Google Index you have to work a little. Here is the recipe:

Content is King:

  1. Write your article as exciting, riveting and honest you can. 300-400 words is great more will do just fine.
  2. Ad an image or two and put your keyword in the Alt tags

Keyword research:

  1. Install the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  2. Go to AdWords and sign up for an account. AdWords has a great and free keyword tool.
  3. Find all the keywords related to your niche and put them in a spreadsheet or a list.
  4. Chose one main keyword and maybe a few related and see if you can use them in your post without ruining the greatness of your article


  • Get backlinks (links from other sites pointing to your article). We don’t recomend buying links. Google is perfectly aware this is going on and you just might hurt your rankings. I know people do this and it works with in limits. So be careful.
  • Write more articles. Great articles will be read and people will link to them. Post your articles at high ranking article sites.

Social Media:

  • Be present on the Social Media sites that are relevant. Facebook fanpages, LinkedIn, Twitter. Google Maps and Google+ is a must! A Google+ account linked to your site will rank your site better in Google. Unfair but true!


And check this video:  http://source-wave.com/white-hat-seo/

How do I get on Google ??? This is how you get on Google!!!


How do I get on Google